I've always wanted to join an MLM as a "business venture" and today I decided to do it. I've looked at a variety of multi-level marketing companies and never found one that I was terribly interested in. The closest I came to joining one was with ACN. Unfortunately, ACN seemed to be extremely penetrated in society. After speaking with some friends, I concluded that "timing" is everything with multi-level marketing. I wanted to do something that wasn't completely overwhelming (time-wise) but that had potential to be successful. So what company is lucky to have me? Efusjon.

Efusjon is an energy drink company. Anyone who knows me well would probably guess I wouldn't be a good consumer of energy drinks. Initially, that's what I thought too. This company makes a very healthy drink called "Raw" which has no caffiene and is made of the acai berry, among other things. I found it surprisingly good. More than the taste of the product, the opportunity was the convincing factor for me to join.

I'm hopeful I'll find some degree of success with this "experiment"... but rest assured, I'll be grateful I did it regardless of the outcome. More frustrating than attempting something and failing is not trying... thus not knowing what could have been. If anyone has ever done an MLM and has any advice, I would be most grateful to hear it. Additionally, if Efusjon sparks your interest and you want to learn more... don't hesitate to ask. I don't claim to have all the answers... but I'm interested in learning them. If nothing else, be hopeful, as I am, that this will be a great decision!


Nicole said...

I've gotta admit, I've never been tempted to be associated with an MLM :) I hope it works out for you, though! Good luck!

John said...

Hi Trent,

First good luck with your new endeavor. You made the right decision by finding a product and a company that you can get passionate about.

A few suggestions for you. As Yoda said "There is no try, there is only do or do not". This should apply to your new business as well.

You must have a serious commitment from yourself if you truly want to be successful in your business.

The other suggestion is to get some strong training. Most MLM companies suggest that you make a list of everyone you know and these should be considered your prospects.

This area holds the most disappointment for new people in MLM. I've been there.

Unless someone on your list has told you that they are looking for a business or to earn some extra money you may find that your friends stop returning calls.

To earn a great income from MLM you really need to take it seriously and become a professional. Get the training that will help you attain the goals that you have for yourself.

I wish you all the best with your business!


P.S. Be prepared to be bombarded with offers of how to make tons of money in a very short time. There is lots of hype around.

Anonymous said...

wow, well written even though I've never been interested in an MLM. Hope it works out for you! Good luck!

Cam said...

I randomly found your blog and I'm glad to hear this endevour sparked your interest as well. I am a pretty successful profressional, passionate about people and my family. The average gal I would say. My friends have believed me on this one and my gut tells me it will help a lot of people. As well, this is my first ML adventure. I truly believe this will be a great ride!! Good luck!!