I've always wanted to join an MLM as a "business venture" and today I decided to do it. I've looked at a variety of multi-level marketing companies and never found one that I was terribly interested in. The closest I came to joining one was with ACN. Unfortunately, ACN seemed to be extremely penetrated in society. After speaking with some friends, I concluded that "timing" is everything with multi-level marketing. I wanted to do something that wasn't completely overwhelming (time-wise) but that had potential to be successful. So what company is lucky to have me? Efusjon.

Efusjon is an energy drink company. Anyone who knows me well would probably guess I wouldn't be a good consumer of energy drinks. Initially, that's what I thought too. This company makes a very healthy drink called "Raw" which has no caffiene and is made of the acai berry, among other things. I found it surprisingly good. More than the taste of the product, the opportunity was the convincing factor for me to join.

I'm hopeful I'll find some degree of success with this "experiment"... but rest assured, I'll be grateful I did it regardless of the outcome. More frustrating than attempting something and failing is not trying... thus not knowing what could have been. If anyone has ever done an MLM and has any advice, I would be most grateful to hear it. Additionally, if Efusjon sparks your interest and you want to learn more... don't hesitate to ask. I don't claim to have all the answers... but I'm interested in learning them. If nothing else, be hopeful, as I am, that this will be a great decision!


Happy Easter!! - A little Late

We had a great Easter a few weeks back. It has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, my siblings and I anxiously awaited Easter. I dare say that I was typically the most excited for it. We never missed a visit from the mythical bunny who brought us baskets filled with all sorts of goodies. To add to the fun, our baskets would be hidden somewhere inside or outside of our house for us to find.

I would wake up early and begin my search. After ransacking the entire house (spotting my brother and sister's baskets along the way) I would be left empty-handed. It wasn't that I was forgotten by the bunny, just that I could never find my personal treasure. I think it (the bunny) had it out for me. My basket was always hidden at least 100 times harder than anyone else's. I can't even remember a single year where I was able to successfully locate my basket without hints from my mom. Some years, there were tears filled with frustrations. It's a wonder I like Easter at all!

Let the tradition continue... I begged my mom to get me an Easter basket this year. She told me, since I am now married, that wasn't her job anymore. With enough pleading and persuading, she was convinced. This year, just like every other, I had to have help to find my basket.

Who thought it was a good idea to hide it up in the tree? I'm way too old to be climbing in trees. It was quite a struggle for me. I'm just grateful I didn't injure myself.

After the Easter basket triumph, we went to my brother's house for dinner. Trent and I played with two of their girls, Morgan and Maddie, outside. They loved it when Trent blew bubbles for them and we had a good time in their playhouse as well.

That house was "cozier" than any other house I've ever been in... even in Mongolia. Morgan and Maddie really love it though!


Photo of the Day

We woke up to a snowy surprise on April 14th... according to some, it shouldn't be snowing in the middle of April. The "surprise" element of weather is what makes it so exciting. However, after only two weeks without snow, people had already seemed to forget how to drive in it.


Photo of the Day

This was supposed to be my photo of the day a two weeks ago. I finished the 2000 piece puzzle on 4/5/09... one week after starting it. I think Trent was especially grateful when I finished. I tend to have a one-dimensional focus whenever I'm working on a puzzle.

Doing this puzzle made me excited about puzzles. I haven't started any new ones yet but I did purchase a new one which I'm looking forward to doing. It'll be a hard one so I'm waiting until I have a lot of free time.


Photo of the Day

Trent & I spent Saturday skiing at Deer Valley. We met up with my friend Tiffany and Uncle Phil & Tanner. After my third attempt... my skiing skills still leave a lot to be desired.

I lost control in the powder. One of my ski poles was lost in the wreckage. Luckily, with some effort, we were able to dig and recover it.

It was a nice powder day. What's that in Trent's hand? You don't think he'd try to hit me with that, do you?

Lastly, while my ski skills (or lack thereof) still leave a lot to be desired, Trent tends to forget that he's not on a snowboard anymore and things are done a little differently. Nice air though :)


Photo of the Day

Bryner Mission Reunion... after returning home more than three years ago, it's fun to see these people every so often.