Elizabeth & Jeff's Wedding

My youngest and only sister married Jeffrey Toone yesterday in the Salt Lake Temple. Jeff and I served our missions together in Mongolia. It was fun seeing them date and get to know each other over the past 16 months and even better to see them marry each other. We are very happy for them and wish them the best.

Everything went perfectly. Despite bad traffic and road closures, no one planning on coming missed the sealing. The luncheon was at the Rodizio Grill in Trolley Square. The reception later that night was beautiful.

Congrats to Elizabeth and Jeff!

The bride, groom, Justin Alaris, Morgan, Maddie & Kelsi at the reception
The coolest cake in the world... courtesy of my mom, Aunt Colleen & Aunt Juanita

Trent eating a chicken heart with the bride and groom in the background