Time's a Tickin'

It's exactly one month from the day Trent and I will get married. Crazy!! The last few months have really flown by. It's hard to believe that we've been dating over 14 months. When we get married, it will be exactly 15 months and one week since the day we had our first date. Wedding plans are coming along pretty well. Most things appear to be under control. I really haven't done too much as far as planning is concerned... that's because I have the best mom in the world!! I know she's taken a lot on herself to plan and organize. I really appreciate all she has done and continues to do to make everything perfect.
Jamie took our engagement pictures. We really liked how they turned out. We should be getting our invitations really soon to mail out. I liked this picture... Trent didn't like it as much so it's not on the announcement.
Even when we're taking pictures, there is time to have a little friendly competition. Trent didn't even move as I tried to heave him into the water. It's a good thing for me that he didn't retaliate to my attack by pulling back... or I would have been swimming.
We both liked this picture... the color effects make it great. It was too small to use on the announcement though so I thought I'd post it here. Good times...


Graduation - A couple weeks back

After many long years studying... I was finally able to graduate from BYU.
Trent got work off to come to the convocation Friday morning. Nice jacket Trent :)
My grandparents were both really proud of my graduation... probably since
I was their first grandchild to graduate from their alma mater.
My brother even managed to get work off to be a support at the graduation.
He did a great job playing 'photographer' but was given a break a couple of times.

And that pretty much sums it up... Thanks for coming, Mom, Dad, Trent,
Justin, Grandma and Grandpa.

Tree Killer

This is from a year ago. Trent decided to push boulders down the mountain.
If you are a huge "green" person, you probably shouldn't watch. You might be offended.