Halloween at AMD

Halloween is still a day away but the celebration came early to AMD. My department decided to participate in the festivities and dress up with a "Peter Pan" theme. Also, my brother and Alaris came with their two little "animals". Morgan was dressed as a Monkey and Maddie was a chicken.... so cute! Here are some pictures from the party.

This is the accounting crew... Can you find me in the picture?

The cutest nieces ever. The startled look on Maddie's face is because she was absolutely terrified after looking at "captain hook"

For whatever reason... Morgan wasn't afraid of the costume (surprisingly). We had fun trick or treating together.

Maddie... now that was another story. When I tried to take her from Justin, she clung as tightly as possible to his shirt. I stole her away and she started screaming. I thought it was hilarious but she was really scared.


Movie Time

Jenn... because I promised a post:

We've made some purchases to enhance our "movie watching" experiences. After shopping around a lot, all of our different purchases finally arrived and we were able to put it all together. What I really want to watch is... just football. On that screen? Football will look awesome!