This is my first attempt at blogging... I heard it can become very addicting. Since I'm already addicted to facebook, I figured I'd give it a shot :)

Winter has come and gone although sometimes it still feels like winter. Welcome to Utah! Trent and I spent a lot of time snowboarding up at Park City this year. A couple of times Jamie Jones (former MTC Comp) came up and took pictures for us. This was one of my favorites.

Now that winter is over... we are just getting ready for our wedding on June 28th. We are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. After we're married, we'll be moving to our house in Lehi (hoping that it is built by then). I've found myself answering the question: "what're you going to do if your house isn't finished in time?" quite frequently. My patented answer is "we'll cross the bridge when we get to it". That's how we take things... one moment at a time.

sNOwBoaRD pICs