Long Time Overdue

I'm almost embarrassed that it has taken me SOO long to update my blog. Trent and I have been married for two months now. Hard to believe. I guess time flies when you are having fun... and when you are just plain busy. Most recently, we've been up to our elbows in paint (quite literally... I'm not a very good painter) working on giving our upstairs more personality. We've finished all the rooms, the hall way, and now we just need to do touch-ups on the red color we put in our loft. Trent is also working on putting the last of the canned lighting in our house. Eventually, we'll get working on our "dirt pad" and hope it will someday turn into a beautiful lawn. I'll try to do some different posts later to cover some of the last couple months. For starters...

We had a great wedding. It was an unforgettable day. Things went just as planned (I heard that is very rare). There isn't anything that I would change about it. Here are some pictures that Jamie took outside of the temple after the ceremony. If you can't really see the pictures well... click on them to see a jumbo version!

Nice Socks

I like this picture because I look taller!

There will be more to come (hopefully). I just need to dedicate more time to the truly important things in life, like blogging.