Beyond Cold

I'm very convinced that I live in the coldest place in all of Utah. While I'm sure the folks up in Logan might have an argument against this, I'm willing to venture that Lehi is worse.

I have "proof" from my drive this morning. Two degrees??? Are you kidding me? Who lives in a place that's two degrees? Are we in Mongolia? This morning it sure did feel like it. The most amazing part of my morning commute is that as soon as I go over the Point of the Mountain, it's at least 15 degrees warmer.

Here's your proof:

Two freaking degrees... brrrr!

A driver's view of Thanksgiving Point. Cold and Foggy...

Four minutes later... over the point, the temperature jumped to 19. It must be nice to live in Salt Lake Valley


1st Christmas

I realize that I have done a very poor job updating the blog. There is a legitimate excuse though. Shortly after Halloween, my computer hard drive decided to die. With no warning, I was out a computer. The screen on Trent's laptop doesn't work either. This predicament left any sort of blogging out of the question. I have since purchased a new computer so we should be good to go :)

We survived our first Christmas together (just barely, according to Trent). I think he's very happy it is over. I suppose I put a lot of pressure on him to make sure I got a lot of presents (and good ones at that). What can I say, my parents always got me everything I wanted. I suppose that makes me a little demanding and a little spoiled.

Regardless, it was a good Christmas. I'm already looking forward to Christmas 2009. Trent's excited for springtime so we can "get rid of this crappy weather". Our house seems to have more snow than Park City Mountain Resort. We thought Lehi didn't get much snow. I guess we were wrong. Trent is great at shoveling the driveway. He was really motivated to shovel it after his truck got stuck one morning and it took over a half hour to get it out. The fact that we got it out at all was a Christmas miracle.

Here are a couple pictures from the holiday. Enjoy!!

Thanks to Aunt Camille for the Christmas ornaments. Even though Katelyn says they're "old lady" ornaments, I thought they looked great and I love the concept of "free".

Trent admiring one of his many Christmas presents.